During recent years until 2013, few Kannadigas ( 3 to 4 ) used to meet at their houses for interaction and bonding.  It was a desire in each one of our hearts to interact with many more Kannadigas which even now many of you would have felt. If by any chance we hear anyone speaking in Kannada at shopping mall, grocery store, temple or even in public transports, our eyes used to sparkle and our hearts was urging us to go and speak to them and befriend. When any cultural events used to happen from other linguistic communities, the urge to have our own community was building up.  We used to think that there are not many kannadigas here and many of you who are living in Stockholm and so in Sweden before 2013 would have also thought the same.

But in 2013, we realized that with whatever is our strength in Stockholm, we need to get together and bond. Few among them were Shivaram- Swetha, Harsha- Bharathi, Sachindra-Shwetha and Yadu-Poornima who used to meet often at one of their houses. Just few weeks before Deepavali 2013, on a pleasant evening, with a cup of coffee, Shivaram and his wife Swetha were discussing around the same and the discussion led to creating the Stockholm Kannada Koota Page on Facebook and google group for communication. Since that happened few weeks before Deepavali 2013, the urge to have a get-together strengthened. With Kannada Rajyotsava day coinciding with Deepavali, it made a perfect timing to have the first Stockholm Kannada Koota gathering. Harsha and his wife Bharathi with Shivaram and his wife Swetha discussed the logistics and programme details. The idea was to keep the kannada culture, Karnataka tradition, celebrating the festivals in the Karnataka style and also having entertainment for fun and bonding.

The first gathering was a grand success with over 45 adults turning up for the event and this made us interact with many other like minded people. Inviting Hari-Preethi and Madhu-Suma family turned out to be one of the best thing happened to this Stockholm Kannada Koota. Hari and Madhu having the same zeal created the first Core team of Stockholm Kannada Koota. The enthusiasm and eagerness to bond by kannadigas and the zeal in the core team to take it further made each events very successful. start working on having a non-profitable, societal organization. We welcome whoever have the same kind of zeal and passion to come aboard and be part of the Core team.

Stockholm Kannada Koota got strengthened during 2015.  Support from embassy, tourism department added lot of feathers to it's credit.  Members from greater Stockholm and even outside Stockholm participated consistently in all Kannada Koota programmes.  It was felt unfare to call Kannada Koota as Stockholm Kannada Koota despite wonderful support from outside Stockholm.  Hence SKK core committee decided to rename Stockholm Kannada Koota to Sweden Kannada Koota on the 01st of November 2015.